TrinityFlix is a new initiative of The Infusion Network. Our core passion is to inspire, resource and encourage people everywhere to become fully alive by knowing the loving heart of the Father as revealed in the face of Jesus through the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

We are an organic, perichoretic community of friends and contributors from around the world, committed to recovering the ‘beautiful gospel’ of the Early Church as expressed in the Nicene Creed, and to exploring it’s implications for personal healing, relational wholeness, social justice and the thriving of all humanity.

The Infusion Network flows from the eternal communion of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is a catalytic ministry, in partnership with others, that stimulates new ways of seeing, thinking and acting that enhances both personal and organizational well-being. We serve as a prophetic voice to leaders, congregations, communities and believers everywhere, bringing a fresh understanding of what the Incarnation means for our lives and God’s missional call to participate with Jesus in making everything new in creation.

Standing on the shoulders of ancient saints and modern-day theologians, TrinityFlix has come to expression recently through a small team of kenotic friends from Mississauga, Canada who have shared life together over the past 25 years. We welcome your voice and involvement in this ever-expanding conversation and calling of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to fill the whole earth with the experiential knowledge of their manifest glory.