Step 1   You need to register with TrinityFlix by creating your own unique username and password.

Step 2  You will receive an email request to confirm your subscription to TrinityFlix so you can receive notifications about special offers and new content when they become available.

Note: If you have not received a subscription confirmation email when registering with TrinityFlix (to be updated with the latest news from TrinityFlix), or your email spam box automatically deleted your confirmation email, please register your email here >


Step 3  Login to TrinityFlix and browse our free content. If you’ve prepaid to access our Subscription Content, proceed to Step 4 by clicking the blue button Subscription Content.

Step 4  Once you are inside our Subscription Content page, simply select the event(s) you’ve paid to access and then enter the event-specific password you were given by the conference organizers to watch videos from your event.